WOW! WOW! WOW! + Blue Titanium + Metal Bracelets

UPDATE #1 - MAY 31, 2018

Hi Backers,

That was nuts!

What can we say? That was one hell of a 24 hours! You guys are AMAZING and when you get these babies you will be amazingly HOT!

P-51 Blue Titanium? Done!

We did not have the P-51 titanium blue prototype ready when we launched the campaign. We had designed just one blue titanium, but after seeing the reaction to the blue steel it’s clear: WE NEED 2 BLUE TITANIUMS (see image below).

Metal bracelets? Done!

Each model will be available with a metal bracelet as an add-on, once the campaign is over you will be able to add it to your reward.

This project is all about you guys, so please keep the feedback coming.  Thanks again!

Best regards,

Chaz, Esti, Simon, and the rest of Team LIV